Hi, I'm Mike and I cannot wait to meet you! 

I’m a native Charlottesvillian and I love my town. From learning to ride a bike on Eastbrook Drive to shooting my first wedding right down Route 29, Charlottesville has always been my home.

As a kid, I remember going on long camping trips with my family in stunning locations, being blown away by the beauty of it all, and wanting to preserve those moments. 

I was on the other side of the world when I discovered a passion for photography. I knew I wanted to spend my time making photos that would be both artistic and meaningful.

So that's why I became a wedding photographer. Now I get to share what I love with you by capturing the sweet moments of your day and turning them into lasting pieces of art. I think that's pretty great.

When I'm not preserving wedding memories, you'll find me nose deep in a good fantasy novel, planning an adventure, or discovering delicious new foods with my fiancée. I have two of the cutest (most terrible) cats in the whole world and the deaths of an obscene number of basil plants on my hands.

I would love to meet you virtually or for socially distanced coffee or drinks and we can swap wedding planning ideas!